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Yesterday I was reading the thoughts of a young friend on Twitter on how he (sorry if I got the gender wrong) felt that there was no God or if there was a God He had abandon him because of all the pain in his life. As part of my response I told him that "God did not promise us a life free of trouble, but he did promise we would not have to face it alone." My friend was not receipted to this thought, so I let it go. But the conversation did make me think about my own reaction to crises in my life. Do I really believe the words I gave my young friend?
I thought back over this past week which was pretty much a week from hell and how many times I questioned God why. Then I thought back to the many times in my life that I was in a bad situation that seemed to have no end. Looking back I can see that no matter how frustrated I was with God or how much I questioned Him He really did always stay by my side. So the answer is yes I believe that God has never left me alone to face trouble no matter how bad the situation.
Jesus said "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart I have over come the world" (John 16:33b NIV). I have to wonder how many times I have let the world win when the battle was already won for me. Probably several times this week alone. I just hope the next time I face more trouble I will remember that the battle is already won and who won it for me.

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